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  • 176 Registered Clubs
  • 735 Registered Members
  • Deer Ratio 1.16 Bucks to 1 Doe
  • 2010 THC saw 523 deer
  • 2011 THC saw 329 deer
  • 2012 THC saw 260 deer
  • 2013 THC saw 247 deer
  • 2014 THC saw 83 deer
  • 2015 THC saw 116 deer
  • 2016 THC saw 142 deer
  • 2017 THC saw 163 deer

Currently Hunting

  • 5 Hunters Online
  • 0 In The Woods

Recent Sightings

  • [SC] Caleb-White-tail Doe
  • [MI] Duke-White-tail buck 7pt
  • [MI] John-White-tail buck spike
  • [MI] John-White-tail buck button

Recent Harvest

  • MI - 12/01/2017
    Duke Adleman
    White-tail buck 7pt()
  • MI - 11/15/2017
    Duke Adleman
    White-tail Doe()
  • SC - 11/04/2017
    Gary Sayre
    White-tail buck 7pt()
  • SC - 10/12/2017
    Caleb Bishop
    White-tail buck 8pt()

Top Clubs

  • Sayre Farm [SC]
    Total Sightings:1519
  • Sayre Farm [SC]
    Total Harvest:107


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