Hunt Smarter

Smart hunting is not grabbing your gun and going to set in the same ole stand.  It is however, investing a little time to tip the odds just a little more in your favor.  With the hunt connection’s ability to allow your club to synergistically compile information on stands, it will give you statistical information previously unobtainable.  Journaling, your own “deer brain”, & hand written "Sign in box" records… nothing can compare.  When you share information as a club the opportunities for success and an improved deer herd jump through the roof.  

Fishing too!  To keep records of fish that you have caught and use that information for farm pond management.



*********** Testimonial ************************
This is a really great idea, it is so easy to set up, our property is only 32 acres, and we have only five stands, and only a few friends that hunt here. I wanted to play with it some and see if it was something I would recommend to other hunters, and it is definitely something that I would recommend to my hunting friends.
Jon Marcy