More about Hunt Results

Most clubs are all about QDMA now days and the biggest aspect of that is obtaining a 50:50 buck to doe ratio and letting inferior bucks walk.  While we can’t make some guys lay off the trigger, we can let them know “hay, yea we have all seen that 6pt” and he will be a nice one next year so don’t shoot him.  Connecting hunters and allowing them to share “Smart hunting” information is what The Hunt Connection is all about.  It will make those bad apples stand out so coyotes won’t be the only thing your club may want to get rid of. 


We will not only give you a list of harvested game, but the list will include:

Hunter, stand, date, time, temperature, conditions, wind speed, wind direction, & moon phase.

Weight, age, antler info on bucks, & lactation in does is all a part of successful record keeping.  Through this we will help you set a plan of action to get your deer heard in the shape you want it to be in.