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Your personal stats – The Hunt Connection pulls statistics in quite a number of ways.   Over time your accumulated records will be analyzed by the logic we have coded into the website to show your traits and habits as a hunter.  Success does not always mean who is killing the most, but rather who is seeing the most and collecting the most “bone” as our fellow hunter Michael Waddell might say.  (That is total number of inches of antler to those of us that are not so hip.)  Just remember garbage in garbage out is the golden rule. 

Achieve rankings in catagories like:   Hunter success ratio, harvested antler score, and more. 


Club Stats – Just like personal stats, club stats give an accurate picture of the performance of a club or property over time.  A membership to a club with higher #s might just be worth a few extra buck$ (pun fully intended) to the landowner.  It’s not just word of mouth anymore… “Show me the hunt stats!”  

Achieve rankings like:   club success ratio, harvested antler score, buck to doe ratio, harvest information and more. 


Stand Stats – Have you ever wandered just how good of a stand is this? I never see anything but my buddy always sees deer on this stand!   Now you can see why… stand statistics reveal the little secrets of each spot by, again over time, showing the conditions, and contributing factors of moon, weather, & wind on each stand.  If you never see anything in a certain spot on a SW wind, don’t set there on a SW wind! 

The beauty of The Hunt Connection is that all the info is collected for you automatically.   While you peg in and out for safety, our system is doing all of the math for you.  Our databases and statistical formulas do it for you, your club, your state, and everyone on The Hunt Connection.