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Privacy of Club Records Your hunting records are visible only to the members of your club.
Hunting Journal & Record Log 1 Season Weather, sightings, kills, and deer activity all journaled to your hunt records.
Complete Stand Statistics Limit 1 Each stand acquires its own evolving statistics as you enter your hunt data for more successful hunt planning
Setup Unlimited Clubs Limit 1 If you have more than one group you hunt with you'll want to set up several clubs for a safer hunt for everyone.
Setup Unlimited Tracts Limit 1 Each club can have multiple tracts of land setup and available for club members to log in their hunt data, create hunt maps, stand and tract stats.
Unlimited Club Members Limit 5 Add as many registered users as members to your club as you need.
Club history and seasonal archive 1 Season Retain your club records to refer back to seasons of the past.
Added Safety for all hunters who use online peg-in system Each club member is alerted when someone logs in to hunt and then with a quick glance at the tract map you'll be able to see who is in the woods and where.
Maps of your hunting land direct to your smart phone An Aerial map of your hunting property and placement of property boundaries and stand locations helps in planning your hunt.
Hunter Profiles, Trophy gallery, Forums, Videos, Online store, Outfitters Get to know other hunters and have some fun along the way.
Private Message system with auto-emails on peg-in This is part of the safety system we provide. Now days with heart attacks and tree stand accidents your hunting partners will know how to find you if your late for supper.
Weather & radar for your club Constant property specific weather including: current conditions, 3 day forecasts , wind speed/direction, temp hi/low , humidity %, and moon phase.
State by State specific Events, DNR links, Ph#s, Classified ads, and Announcements Stay up on current local events and happenings & find a deal on equipment.
Clubs looking for members and members looking for clubs Free ways to get connected with local hunt clubs and to find new members.
Special links console Feeding times, sunrise/set, safety tips, water data, ballistics, whitetail forecasts, food plot information, and much, much more.
Your club's own private message board, calendar, and photo gallery Manage your hunt club and have a solid point of information for all members. Its like having your own website for your hunt club.
Deer Herd Management tool Property specific buck to doe ratio, average weight, method, stand & food plot notes ect.
Price Free $39.95 / year